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Hi Ladies, How are you all doing? My today’s review is about an exfoliating / peeling solution which I have included in my beauty regime from past 2-3 months. Before heading to the post let us see what exactly is peeling solution and how it is different from physical exfoliator.

exfoliating solution

My Skin type: I have dry skin and little bit of pigmentation on the sides of my cheeks.

Physical Exfoliator: it is a grainy or sugary textured product which usually has creamy consistency and which we use on the face to physically scrub off all the upper layer of the skin or dead layer of the skin. This we can use once or twice a week based on our skin sensitivity and requirement.

Chemical Exfoliator: This is a liquid product which has acid or combination of acids and few vitamin derivatives which helps in exfoliating the skin in a more subtle way – which means, we need to apply just a thin layer of product on the skin and leave it for 10 minutes (or as recommended on the product) and the acids present in the product will do the exfoliating work. No need to scrub or rub the product on our skin.

exfoliating solution

Texture: First thing we notice about this product is its color. Yes, red berry kind of a color and the texture is kind of gel/liquid consistency. It’s neither thick nor thin but bit runny.

Price: £6.25/- for 30 ml of the product. Roughly converted to INR it would be somewhere between Rs. 540/- to Rs. 550/- .

Availability: I purchased it from cult beauty website (www. Cultbeauty.co.uk). In India, it is available online and also through many Instagram sellers. But I prefer purchasing through culbeauty website mainly because of the authenticity of the product and also, the cost through any other source will be almost double. If we have any offers happening or if it is our birthday month cultbeauty sends us a coupon code which has either discount coupon or free shipping – so it works cheap for us (Off course re-sellers would have their additional costs like taxes, shipping charges, customs and their charges – no offence to anyone).

My Thoughts: This is such a go to product for me. In just one use, I could see that my skin tone was even which means, it had removed my upper – dead layer and hence the skin was smooth and clear. I use it 2 times in a week. Once we apply this all over our face there will be mild irritation or tingling sensation but that will disappear within 2 minutes of application. Please make sure you do not apply this directly on the face. Do a patch test and if there is no irritation for more than 2 minutes, only then apply the entire face.

The smell of this product is something to talk about (ahem). I mean to say, it is quite disgusting. It smells like some rotten vegetables kind of a thing (sorry if you feel I am gross but that how it smells).

Also, our face looks like a red mess, straight out of a horror movie, after applying this all over the face but keeping aside all these – it is an excellent product. Overall I am really happy with this peeling solution.

How I Use: I use it most of the times in the evenings. After removing my makeup (I have a blog post on how I clean my face please check here) I pat my face dry and apply this peeling solution all over the face except my under eye area. Leave for 10 minutes and wash off with normal water.


  • Easy to use – no need to rub our face, just apply and carry on with your other works and wash after 10 minutes.
  • Doesn’t leave the skin dry.
  • Good packaging – it is a glass bottle but still in do not find any issues in carrying this also, it has a dropper, so we have quantity control.
  • Not abrasive at all – but check out the patch test which I have said earlier.
  • Helps in removing dead skin, pigmentation and blemishes.
  • Helps in evening out the skin tone.


  • Patch test is a must, must and must. I can’t stress on this point more. But the reason I have mentioned this in cons is because, few of us may purchase this thinking that it work but if it irritates the skin then the whole bottle goes waste.
  • The skin becomes sun sensitive. This happens which all the other chemical exfoliator as well. So we can never skin sun screen. So including a sun screen with high SPF is a must after starting using this solution.
  • Most ladies, use a sunscreen the next day of using chemical exfoliator and on other days they just stop using – that is when the skin starts having sun tan, sun burn – so even if we use this product every once or twice a week we need to apply sunscreen every day.
  • The smell – I have mentioned earlier – is a put off.
  • Availability – it is available on cultbeauty website at an affordable price but then there are shipping charges and once shipped to India there is custom charges. So overall we pay more than the amount mentioned on the site.

Will i repurchase again : Yes



Hello Beauties,

How are you all doing? I am fine, last weekend I was bit busy with makeover bookings and now I am back to my normal work and here sharing a review with relatively new launch from a well known skin care brand “KAYA”.

Before heading to the review of this product, I will let you know that I had used Kaya’s products for more then 2 years in the past. I was using their face wash – which was very mild and soothing to my dry and sensitive skin. But again I stopped using it mainly because of my curiosity in trying new products. I had shopped many face washes that by the time I finished using all – I forgot that I was using Kaya face wash. Now I use the one referred by dermatologist. But I am using their pore minimizing toner – which is good one.

Coming to this Micellar water – I started using this only from last 15 days before that I was using Garnier micellar water which I have mentioned in my skin care post here. After using it up, I just came across this new launch and ordered it through Nykaa. Read on below to know more about this.

Company Claims : For youthful glowing skin, you need gentle & effective care every day. But, every time you remove makeup, the chemicals take a toll on your skin, stripping it of moisture and glow. Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Micellar Water is like a Pranayam for your skin and offers more than just swift make-up removal at the end of the day. Use it as a gentle cleanser or as a makeup remover; it contains tiny micelles that draw out dirt & makeup, without drying your skin, leaving your skin squeaky clean, well hydrated & with a refreshed glow. Kaya Youth has been specially developed by the world’s largest team of dermatologists at Kaya Clinic, the trusted International Skincare Expert. Youthful, fresh, glowing skin is now yours with Kaya Youth. Its your daily dose of youth. Start your #SkinPranayam today !

Color, Texture, Fragrance : It has water consistency and has a pale mint green color. Coming to the fragrance – it has a mild cucumber kind of a fragrance but doesn’t last for more than 1 minute. However I miss the original scent of Kaya – it was very unique. (The toner has that fragrance and just love that).

Price : Rs. 199/- for 100 ML.

Shelf Life : 2 years

Availability : In all online stores. I purchased it from Nykaa.

My Thoughts : I have tried it in multiple ways before presenting the reviews to you and I have to say this is one among the good micellar waters available in market. It has watery consistency but once dispensed on the cotton pad it sprays as a foamy substance. I need 2-3 cotton pads soaked up in this micellar water to clean my entire face on makeup days and a single cotton pad is enough on days when I do not wear much makeup.

Most of the micellar water which I have tried used to irritate my eyes when I remove Kajal and liner but I have to say this doesn’t bother my eyes at all.  I remove mascara, Kajal, liner and even eye shadow with this and everything comes of easily. But only thing is we need to saturate the cotton pad with more product – only then it works.

Once I clean the face, a little bit of thin cast remains on the skin but that doesn’t bother me much because any way I wash off my face immediately. I usually do double cleansing and most of the products will be removed during oil cleansing only and all the remaining products is effectively removed by this micellar water.

But, I have also tried this as a single makeup remover i.e. without any prior oil cleansing and it does a decent job in removing all the spec of makeup I have but only concern is we need more product.

Other wise I am happy with the product.

How I use : I just spray the micellar water on the cotton pad, I see that the cotton pad is completely soaked in this product then I wipe my entire face and eyes.

Pros : 

  • Skin friendly – I mean no irritation to skin or eyes.
  • Affordable.
  • No bothersome fragrance.
  • Easily available.
  • Doesn’t dry out the skin.
  • The spray bottle is very travel friendly


  • Require more product to remove heavy makeup.

Will I repurchase : Yes.


Hello Beauties,

Welcome back to my blog and this is in continuation with my skin care series which I had started. If you haven’t read my part 1 – then please read it here.  Before heading to the post I wanted to share the reason behind my absence for quite some time.

I had earlier, in some post, mentioned that my passion in makeup is increasing day by day and I may take it as a profession as well right – so I was busy in attending professional courses in makeup and hair and happy to say you all that I am a certified MUA and hair stylist now. So I will sharing my contact details at the end of the post. I am grateful for everyone who supported me in achieving this milestone.

So I had explained in detail to you all as to how I deep cleanse my face every single day and after cleansing my next step is to prep my skin. So below are the steps I follow and also I have mentioned all the products which I use.

Step 1 : Toning : I use Miniso Rose essence toner. This is by far one of the best toner I have used. The texture is kind of gel based liquid. It is not watery. After cleansing my face I just pour few drops of this toner on my hand and pat all over my face and neck. I do not use cotton to apply this.  After 2-3 minutes this gets completely absorbed my skin and leaves my skin very soft and plump.

Step 2 : Eye Serum : While I allow the toner to get into the skin, I apply a thin layer of eye serum under my eyes and above my eye lids. The one which I am using right now is from The Ordinary – Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG. This products claims to reduces puffiness, eye contour, pigmentation and fine lines. It has been almost a month that I am using this and I do not see any tremendous results as such but I feel the appearances of fine lines has reduced to some extent.

Step 3 : Hyaluronic Acid : Once the toner is dried and after applying the eye serum I apply HA from The Ordinary. I have to say this is one of my Holy Grail product. Mine is dry and dehydrated skin and once I started using this product I feel such a difference in my skin texture and the appearance also. I feel my skin is more soft, smooth and well hydrated.

Step 4 : Eye Cream : After applying eye serum and Hyaluronic acid I just dab little bit of eye cream under my eyes.  This I do because I have dark circles and I need apply corrector and concealer on daily basis to cover the same. So for just smooth application of the products I apply this eye cream from mama earth. This helps in moisturizing my under area well.

Step 5 : Glow serum : This is purely optional step for you all – but I came across this page in Instagram i.e. nature_foody_to_ur_skin and after going through their products and many reviews I wanted to try their face glow serum and placed my order. Here I want to share one thing with you all that the owner of this page – her name is Roshini – does a great job with respect to customer support. I had lost my package (for some unknown reasons) and she was very much helpful in getting me my parcel though it was not her part of work. Now coming to their face glow serum – it is awesome. My face had turned bit dark after my pregnancy and delivery, when compared to earlier, and I was looking for many option in restoring the original complexion of my skin but couldn’t find any thing apt. With bit of hesitation I started using this face glow serum – I have to say it has not only helped in getting back my complexion but also my skin tone has become more uniform. I will surely be using it again and again.

Step 6 : Cetaphil Moisturizing cream : This cream I just use only on days when I feel my skin is very dry. Other wise the above mentioned face glow serum moisturizes my skin very well – so this is just on a need basis.

Step 7 : Sunscreen : This is crucial step in anyone’s skin care. I use Photostable sunscreen from Bello and this was prescribed by a dermatologist to me. I do not have to elaborate on the importance of sun screen here, as we all know but I would like to add on here that if all the products which we have used in the previous step needs to show it’s effect on the skin then we need to apply a sunscreen. No matter what the season is, what the weather is or whether you stay at home or go out. Still I strongly recommend you in using a sunscreen on daily basis.

So that’s it beauties, this ends my skin care series and do let me know your views on the this. If you need an elaborate review of any of the product mentioned here – I would be eager to do so.

Also, for any party/bridal makeup or hair style do contact me on deevachronicle@gmail.com.

My Instagram page is deevamakeovers.

Shower some love and blessing…

See you all…


Hi my lovely readers,
How are you all doing? Hope you had a great Holi.
So this is in continuation to my weight loss journey series – you can read my part 1 here.
By now, you all know why I want to lose weight and my triggering point.
So I had told you all that, I was 61 kgs when I took weight loss as a serious commitment and I had joined a gym on 3 months membership and at the same time it so happened that we (family) wanted to relocate to a new city due to my father’s business.
So I was perplexed – I mean, it was a new city which was not actually a city but a town with majority of industrial boom in recent times. So many things which we find in cities like mall, spas, gym etc. was not present in the town which I relocated. So I searched a lot to find a gym or aerobics center to help me lose weight – I couldn’t find one.
Then I started to think of alternate ways – like walking, jogging, and yoga at home. I did succeed a bit but not to the extent I expected it.
I used get up by 5.00 AM, go for a one hour long walk and then come home and rush into my daily routine of office etc. In the evening I used to come home and do some simple yoga Asanas at home and eat dinner by 8.00 AM and retire to bed. This was my routine for almost 3 months. After 3 months I checked my weight and it was 59 Kgs. I was happy but not very content. I was like – come on, I wake up so early and go for a walk and do yoga and for a continuous 3 months and only 2 kgs of weight loss. So I thought there is something I need to change and I always thought the answer is gym. I never thought other life style habits also matters to keep our weight in check. By this time I found out a yoga teacher in that small town and thought of learning yoga in a proper way through a guru so I went to meet him and saw that he was 80 years old (rather I can say 80 years young) and beaming with enthusiasm. His approach was very warm and he gave me a slot at 5.30 AM. So my routine started to change.
Even now I do yoga
He made me realize that, for any person to reduce or maintain weight or to have a healthy body we need to concentrate 80% on diet and 20% on exercise.
Then reality stuck me – oh my god – what was I doing so long. I used to hog everything to anything I like and just walk for an hour and expect me to become slim. What an expectation I had.
Also, he made me aware of the importance of natural food and how much he advised against packed or ready to eat food. So there was lot of changes I made in my lifestyle. Below I have mentioned all things which I inculcated:
Number 1: Exercise is not everything. But you cannot skip exercise. I know it is tricky but yes – we need to work on our muscles to increase muscle density.
Number 2: Say no to packaged food. Packaged food are nothing but any food which you can put into your mouth by directly opening the packet. (I know I sound lame but yes) Like biscuits, chips etc. This is the simple thing you can do.
Number 3: Cut on sugar. Here I mean all invisible sugar as well. There are so many hidden sugars in almost everything we eat in the name of cool, ready to eat foods. But those are really harmful. You can get away with eating direct sugar granules but will be stuck by these hidden sugars in various names. So please beware.
Number 4: Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet very often. Practice 60 – 40 rule. This was told by my yoga guru. Have 60% of fresh veggies in your diet and only 40% of cooked food. So if you are having 2 rotis with some curry then have at least a full bowl of vegetable salad before having roti. This way your stomach will be full and you may end up eating 1.5 or 1 roti.
Number 5: Portion control. Yes – we really do not realize how much we eat when our mind is pre occupied with all the unwanted matters. We forget what is on our plate and just hog everything. What we really have to do is for at least for 15-20 minutes of the time we sit to eat – just concentrate on eating and nothing else. You will be astonished to see that you will actually be full by the end of ½ bowl of rice where in everyday unknowingly you used to finish up full bowl of rice but still left with some dissatisfaction or sweet cravings.
Number 6: in continuation with point number 5, relish every morsel of your food on plate. Enjoy eating. Do not make it a chore – make it a romantic affair (like how we enjoy every act of our loved once) enjoy every bite of the food. Your food will love you back – it will strengthen you, nourish you and build you.
Number 7: Water. Drink water all the time, every time. That doesn’t mean that you keep on drinking even if you are not thirsty. But make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you all the time. Most of the time we confuse thirst with hunger and end up eating something or the other but still be feeling something is needed. That something is water. So drink, drink, drink.
Number 8: Sleep – they say 8 hours of sleep is required for a normal human being. But in this busy world we hardly get so much time – with all the hi-fi gadgets we own – our sleep is going HIGH – away from our reach. So I prefer to have quality sleep – even if it is for lesser hours. So concentrate on making yourself free from all the gadgets at least 2 hours before you sleep.
Number 9: Consistency is the key – all the above points has to be consistent guys. If we just follow for a month or 2 and expect long term results then sorry – it won’t work. These has to be the changes which we need to follow life time.
So these are the changes which I incorporated back then – did these changes helped me in reaching my goal of weight loss or did I end up with something else – will let you know in  part 3. Till then please let me know your views on the same topic. Eager to read to comments and to respond.
Disclaimer: I am not a dietician or a doctor or nutritionist – these are purely my views and I may be wrong as well. So please do your research or consult a certified person before you adapt any of the points mentioned here.


Hello my lovely ladies,
Welcome back to my blog, todays my post is on skin care. I have been a skin care addict from past 2-3 months and I could really see major difference in my skin texture and glow after adapting a specific skin care routine.
I feel 2-3 months is a good amount of time wherein I can review the products I used and let you all know how it has helped me. Also, I am still testing few more products and I will be updating as and when I feel that I have a genuine review on those product.
To begin with, my main focus of today’s post is on the first step of my skin care routine i.e. cleansing. So let’s begin.
My Current Skin care products to cleanse my face
You all have to believe me when I say earlier (say 6-7 years back) I used to use just a soap to wash my face and that was the only cleansing thing I used to do to my face. But now, thanks to World Wide Web which helps us to do research and find answers to many of our questions, I am not using soap on my face. So my first and most important suggestion to you all is never, ever – ever use any soap on your face. Off course there are exceptions – where in now a days we get a whole lot of customised handmade, organic soaps specifically designed for our delicate facial skin. But do not use the regular ones which we use on our body.
Before going into the routine please note, my skin is normal to dry. It is not sensitive as such but sometimes I get pimples or bumps which just goes off without me doing anything. My skin reacts very badly for certain overly scented products – so I choose mildly formulated products.
Coming to my cleansing routine – I follow a double cleansing method – read on to know about it:
Step 1: I use coconut oil to just melt away all my eye makeup. I use it in circular motion only to my eyes and not on my whole face. I just leave it for a minute and wipe off with a cotton pad. I use Patanjali coconut oil.
I have experimented by using coconut oil all over my face but after around 10-15 days I found that coconut oil was clogging my pores and I got to know this when tiny bumps appeared around my nose area. So stopped using it to my full face.
Step 2: After clearing my eye makeup, I smear my whole face with Ponds cold cream. Yes, you read it right – I use ponds cold cream as cleanser on my entire face except eye area. I just massage a dollop of cream on my face and wait for just 1 minute. After that, I dip a cotton pad in warm water and wipe off all the cream. Just by this, all my makeup melts away and I will be left with soft skin.
Cleansing Routine
Step 3: Next, I use micellar water – just take few drops on cotton pad and wipe off even the last trace of makeup residue left. I have been using 2 micellar water one is Dermafique and the other one is Garnier. I will do a separate post about the comparison of these two.
Dermafique Micellar Water
Dermafique Micellar Water
Step 4 (last step): I wash my face with Biocutis face wash. This was suggested by my dermatologist and it is very mild face wash which does its job decently.
Biocutis Face Wash
So these are the steps I follow every night to cleanse my face. In the morning I just use face wash and carry and on with my next part of skin care i.e. is prepping my skin which I will talk in my next post.
This may sound like an elaborate routine but trust me if you do it every day it hardly takes 8-10 minutes and gives you good skin.
Note: The products which I am using are the ones which has suited me from couple of days and none of them are sponsored. Also, if you have not tested or used any of the products mentioned here even a single time then please consult a dermatologist before starting anything new. Understand your skin first and then follow a routine.
Trust me, initially I faced few rashes and bumps during my experimenting phase but now this routine has suited me. Also, I am trying out many new products as well, so will come up with  reviews on the same.
My Skin nowadays
Just BB Cream, Concealer and eyeliner

Please let me know your views on this routine in the comments below and any doubts related to any products please drop in your question – I will be happy to read and respond.
Take care.



Hi my lovely readers,

How are you all doing? Well I am doing fine and from today I will take you all through a very personal experience of my life. Yeah, as the heading suggest – this is my journey towards weight loss and all other things which I lost other than or along with weight.

Before that, I need to give you all preface of my weight and why I want to lose weight.

So let’s begin:

As a child, I was very plump with curly hair and blue eyes. My mother always used to wait for an opportunity if someone offers to carry me. I was 13 Kgs by my 1st year birthday and carrying me and walking was a strength training to my mom (like the picture shown below). But later on I was a normal skinny girl in school and even in my degree. To be frank, my Physics, mathematics and computer science was causing so much trouble in my entire B.Sc. course that weight or weight loss was not at all a topic to even think forget about discussing.  


Later I did my masters and started working and so started my weight increase. I was not aware initially that I was gaining weight. That day, I was in the cafeteria and met my college mate who had an interview in the same campus and as soon as she saw me the first thing she told me was “Hi Vani – nice to see you here – hey by the way why have you put on so much weight – did you notice or not”. That’s it, I was in loss of words – I couldn’t answer anything to her I just gave her a convincing look and changed the topic on her interview.
Then I thought of stepping on the weighing scale after may be 3 years. And to my shock – I was 8 Kgs more than what I was in my college days. My height is 5.2 ft. and for this height my weight should be around 52-55 kgs and I was 61 kgs. I took it as an alarm – I wanted to do something – but was not knowing what to do. I wasn’t aware as to from where to start. I looked for google for options. But back then the net was not much overloaded with information. I mean, now we have n number of options but back then we had to do lot of research to find out what we wanted.

I did the same thing which anybody does – that is to find out a gym near to my place and join there. For me – back then – weight loss meant to sweat it at the gym. I did not make an effort to know why I gained so much weight in the first place. Like any younger generation kid I wanted everything quick and so my weight loss also. After much googling, I found out an aerobics center – which promised me that I will lose weight within 3 months – (read it as, pay 3 months fees at a time along with registration fee of Rs. 1000/- which is not refundable). I joined – because I wanted to shed my extra kilos fast and now that I was earning I had financial freedom and felt accomplished in swiping my card.

By the time all this happened my Father’s business was expanding and we had to shift to a new city. So that means, my 3 months subscription went into drain as I shifted to a new city.

Now what happened in the new city, did I make any effort in losing weight? I will let you know in part 2. But before ending this I would need to tell few things to younger people or rather I could say this to my younger self:

  • Metabolism changes – so guys, I think you all will agree that, in our childhood days we ate up almost 3-4 chapathis with any side dish or jagerry or sugar and ghee but still we did not feel bloated, or full or anything. But now we end up with 100 issues by eating just 2 chapathis. That is because metabolism of our body changes and it decreases as we age and we have to have a relevant life style which helps in keeping up our metabolism. Be active as much as possible, do not sit for long hours in the same position. If your job demands the same then at least stand up and adjust your laptop and work for 10 minutes stading for every 30-40 minutes. Do some desk exercises and during lunch breaks just take a stroll in your premises.
  • Lifestyle changes – as a college goer, we all will always be on our toes. Classroom to ground, ground to library, library to hostel, hostel to out of campus roaming and all this eats up our energy. But once we start working, most of us, end up in an office setup where we sit almost 6-7 hours in a day. This is actually hazardous. We need to have a lifestyle change irrespective of whether we want to lose weight or not. And this was what happened to me – the sudden increase in weight was because of my sedentary lifestyle.
  • Eating habits changes – as we start earning – we feel a sense of pride in visiting all the fancy restaurants. At least I felt so. In our college/school days though we ate out, at least 2 meals we used to have at home (this is different with hostel people though). But it changes. I used have breakfast, lunch and evening snacks outside and only night dinner at home. So you can see the nutrition level goes down if we eat lot of outside food. So please stick on to homemade food often. Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food as much as possible. For any meetings with friends look for a place like park or garden than any restaurant or hotel. And before stepping out of the house just eat and leave. Though you are planning to have lunch or dinner – eat something before you go out. This really helps in maintaining your eating portion outside.

So meet you again with part 2. Till then please let me know your views on the same topic. Eager to read to your comments and to respond.

Disclaimer: I am not a dietician or a doctor or nutritionist – these are purely my views and I may be wrong as well. So please do your research or consult a certified person before you adapt any of the points mentioned here.


Hello my lovely Ladies,
Welcome back to my blog.
How have you all been doing since New Year?? Mine was a bit hectic schedule and couldn’t blog from past few days. Now I am back with a glittery review of a glittery product.
Today’s show stopper is Wet N Wild megaglo highlighter powder in shade precious petals.
highlighter powder

You all know that I am testing my skills when it comes to highlighter and apart from this I own one other highlighter from the brand make up revolution – which I have reviewed here – while that was not that convincing to use on a daily basis I was looking for a subtle glow kind of a highlighter and I came across this one in one of the makeup classes which I have attended. I have to say, I do not regret buying this at all. It is such an everyday kind of a product which adds an oomph factor to your overall look and can be used on days where you do not put makeup also. This has become my go-to product where I end up using 3 out of 5 days. It gives just a touch of natural kind of a glow to the skin. I ordered this from Nykaa. 

highlighter powder

Ingredients as per their website: Boron Nitride, Dimethicone, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Nylon-12, Ethyl Macadamiate, Polysorbate 20, Phytosteryl Macadamiate, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbitan Stearate, Lauroyl Lysine, Caprylyl Glycol, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Hexylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, o-Cymen-5-ol, Polyacrylamide, Tocopheryl Acetate, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7, [+/- (MAY CONTAIN/PEUT CONTENIR): Mica, Titanium Dioxide/CI 77891, Iron Oxides/CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, Carmine/CI 75470].
highlighter powder

Company Claims: Wet n wild is adding to the legendary collection of Mega Glo Highlighting Powders with two NEW shades. These beautiful highlighters will guarantee your makeup look is always Mega Glo-rious! Infused with ultra-reflective and micro-fine pearl pigments, this baked powder is everything you need to shine radiantly from the inside out. The creamy formula is infused with nylon for a silky-smooth texture that allows for seamless blending.
highlighter powder

Shade: 4 shades – In Nykaa website I saw 4 shades of this product whereas in Wet N Wild website they have 9 shades.

Price: Rs. 499/- INR.

Availability: These are easily available in online stores.

My Thoughts: I am really surprised by this little product. I mean the finish and texture of this highlighter is so soft and very minute – it just blends into our skin so well. I usually use a fan brush and just swipe this on the high points of my cheeks and to highlight my eyebrows and cupid bow but when I hurry I just use my fingers and it works perfectly fine. I will be attaching a pic below – you can see how seamlessly it blends into the skin. My skin tone is somewhere between fair and medium and this shade i.e. precious petals suits very well.
Overall I feel this is a very good product.
How I Use: After my base makeup – I just swirled fan brush or my finger and apply on the high points of my face.
highlighter powder


  • Smooth texture of the product.
  • It doesn’t have any large shimmery particles which tends to fall all over the face.
  • Long lasting – it stays easily for 5-6 hours.
  • Affordable and easily available.
  • Has variety of shades.

  • highlighter powder

I do not have any issues with a product but the packaging could have been bit sturdy – my pan just broke and if I keep it in my makeup bag/pouch the lid and the pan separates off and all my other makeup product ends up with highlighter.
Will I repurchase again: yes but I think this pan lasts for a long time.


Hello All,

Happy valentine’s day to all my lovely readers – irrespective of you having a partner or not. Today’s post is not about any product review – I have couple of reviews to share but today’s post is bit different.
Well, to begin with I will take you 10-12 years back. Back then I was in college and these Valentine’s Day or rose day / hug day / kiss day / teddy bear day was not much celebrated or rather we were cautious to celebrate and few of us were not even discussing with others that we had a valentine and talking to a guy especially on this day was teased among friends circle.

Thinking about that time interval makes me nostalgic and I very much feel like going back to those days. Those days where there was no such show off of love. I am sorry to use the word show off but that is what I feel. Off course there was love in the air but there was no pressure on us to make everybody know how we love our partner or what we gifted each other. That was always a secret pleasure which was between the 2 hearts.

I have something to say about this day here – many people think Valentine’s day as a day celebrated between lovers or people who are about to start their love and I am no exception. Just 2-3 years back even I used to be head over heels in celebrating such days and to spend my whole day in anticipating wishes and gifts from my hubby – and that never used to happen.

He is not into celebrating any such days – he has a special thing for the dates which we met, engaged and married and our child birthday but on dates which the rest of the world celebrates with fancy names.

Now, after my daughter was born I have a new meaning to Love. Whenever the word Valentine comes to my mind I think of my daughter as much as I think of my hubby. Am I aging (don’t know – may be) but yeah I have learned to love selflessly only after having my daughter in my life.


Coming to this age, this era I can say, few things are pondering my mind and I wish to share it here without any offence to anybody. See there are things which we always copied from western culture. Be it any Day or any dress or any genre of music or their cuisine, we easily, readily start liking that and also adapting that to our life style. But I feel and strongly feel that while doing so, are we missing out the very essence of our own culture, our authenticity, our Cuisine and the very basic our own selfness which makes us stand apart from rest of the world.

Well, I am not against anybody following or liking something which is not ours – rather I am eager myself in knowing new things and yes if it helps us in improving even 1% of our life style, health, thinking, well-being then why not follow it and adapt it. But why are we missing out in celebrating our own cultures or festivals. Are we not taught about the importance of our festivities, our important godly figures, and the existence of holy saints – then why do we shy out in showing off that to the world.

For instance our younger generation happily wishes Halloween to his/her counterparts and shys away in telling his/her Mam that he/she was absent for school because we had Mahalaya Amavasya (you can google to know what it is) at home. I do not know the reason – maybe we feel low in expressing our old rooted practises – I am not sure.

Also, we have a separate day to celebrate and adore our spouse and is called in different names in different states but here in Karnataka we call it as Bheemana Amavasya and is called Karwa Chauth in major parts of North India. On this day, we pray to god, do Pooja and fast the whole day to increase the longevity of our husbands and husbands in turn gift us something. For me, this is more close to my heart than Valentine day or rose day. More than the fast women do or the gift husbands give the whole atmosphere will be full of love and the whole home celebrates this.  Again there are people who do not like these practices as they feel fast is done only by women and there is no equality but I simply brush off that because they are right in there own way.

Well – I will stop here and leave the rest to the readers to decipher the meaning and context in which I have written.

Once again – Happy Valentine’s day to one and all. If you already have a spouse / partner then enjoy being with each other. If not don’t worry as I said love is in the air and you will sniff it very soon.
Do let me know your views in the comments section – I will be eager to read and respond. 



Hello beauties,

Welcome back to my blog.

Today my review is on an eye shadow palette from Makeup revolution in shade Flawless 4.
Flawless 4 Palette

I don’t know whether I have shared with you all or not but Eye Shadows are my favourite makeup product till date. I love playing with colors on my eyes. I apply a nude or brown color on everyday basis or sometimes shimmery nude color as well. I usually don’t leave my eye lids bare – even on an everyday basis. A nude shade and/or an eyeliner has to top my eyelids. Else you can conclude that I am not keeping well. Such is my love with eye shadows.

This Flawless 4 is a new addition to my makeup kit. I have Fortune Favours the brave palette from the same brand and totally love it.

Ingredients: Mica, Talc, Magnesium stearate, Silica, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Kaolin, Aluminium Starch Octenylsuccinate, Nylon-12, Paraffinum Liquidium, Ethylhexyl, Palmitate, Polybutene, Demethicone, Propylparaben, Methylparaben.

May Contain: CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499, CI 77007, CI 77742, CI 75470, CI 15850, CI 16035. 


Company Claims: Our newest instalment of our fan favourite Flawless palette! Our new flawless 4 palette offers 32 versatile mix of matte and shimmer shades, from neutrals to warm to smoky. Every shade you need to create every day looks or take it to the next level with the selection of bold shades. Long wearing intense and easy to blend formula.

Blend matte shades with a fluffy blending brush, or flat shader brush for maximum pigmentation. Apply shimmer shades with flat synthetic brush, or finger, these can be used wet or dry depending on your desired intensity. Encased in our matte rose gold palette with a full-size mirror.

Price: Rs. 1575/- INR – when I purchased it on Nykaa now it is at Rs. 1750/-

Availability: These are easily available in online stores and makeup revolution counters.

My Thoughts: I was awestruck by the look of this palette. Oh My God how could this be so classy and pretty? One of the prettiest packaging I have in my makeup kit I can say. The rose gold lid is just drool worthy. 

There are 32 shades out of which 15 are shimmery shades and 17 are matt. Again in shimmery shades there is a perfect balance of oranges, browns, purples and peach. Also in matt shade there are pinks, browns, nudes and peaches. It has 3-4 highlighter shades.
Without Flash and with name sheet
With Flash and name sheet

With Flash
I am totally head over heels with this one. I have created a purple Smokey eyes using this palette here. If you haven’t checked – please do.

There is no major fallouts of the shadows, very minute particles fallout especially shimmery ones, but that can be dusted off with just 2 swirls of face brush.
First row from left
Second and Third row from left
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth row from left
Last row from left

Overall I feel this is great product.


  • Lovely Packaging.
  • The whole palette comes with a mirror on the inside of the lid which we will find when we open the palette and it is really handy for fine touch-ups.
  • Cruelty Free.
  • Gluten Free. (I am not very particular of any product being gluten free because for me that doesn’t make any difference)

  • Great Pigmentation.
  • Great combination of colors from brows to pinks to mauve and purple.
  • No major fallout of the product.
  • One palette has shimmers, matt and neutral colors in it and we can have this one palette in the bag while travelling.
  • Easily blend able.
  • Affordable.


  • Contains parabens.
  • Needs eye shadow primer or a base color on the lid to show off few nudish/brown colors. But this is not a major con for me though.
  • No other cons.

Will I repurchase again: Some other palette from the same brand may be.
So lovely ladies, what do you feel about this palette – do let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have any suggestions for such eye shadow palettes do comment me – I would be eager to try it out.


Hello beauties,
Welcome back to my blog.

Today I will be showing you a new makeup look I created very recently.

By now you all know that I keep attending makeup classes to enhance my makeup skills and this look was created in one such class held by Raashi Sighat (her insta handle is Glamupbyraash) in Bangalore. She conducts classes all over India – if you are interested please follow her page on FB and Instagram.

Regarding this look – I had an evening party to attend on the same day so I created a purple Smokey eyes kind of a look with nudish lips. My lehenga was a mix of purple, blue and pink so went for this kind of eye makeup.
Products Used:


Cetaphil moisturizing cream.

L A Girl Orange corrector.

Under eye Concealer – was provided by Raashi.

Concealer on my lids – Kryolan Dermacolor.

Foundation – was provided by Raashi.

Makeup revolution luxury powder in shade banana.

Maybelline blush in shade coral crush.

Wet n Wild highlighter in rose gold.

Sivanaa Colors contour and blush palette – was provided by Raashi.  



 Nykaa Kajal.

Sugar brow pencil.

Estee lauder mascara.

Miss Claire eye liner – provided by Raashi.

Makeup revolution eye shadow palette – Flawless 4



 Maybelline lip balm.

NYX lip liner in shade mahogany.

MAC lipstick in Twig.


Coming to the look – Raashi had informed us to come bare face to the class so I had washed my face with Biocutis face wash (recommended by a dermatologist) and that’s it. I had not applied anything. After the theory session we were allotted a separate work space with basic makeup brushes and was allowed to create magic on our face.

First, I generously applied Cetaphil moisturizing cream to prep my skin for the makeup.

Then I went for the eye makeup. Applied orange corrector on my eye lids. Then concealed it with Kryolan Dermacolor and powdered with Makeup revolution banana loose powder to set the concealer and avoid creasing.

Then I took a brown shade (Down Boy) from the Makeup revolution palette and created a crease and then took a dark brown shade (Candle) from the same palette and created a ‘V’ in the outer corner of my eye lids and intensified the ‘V’ with more dark brown shade (Cerise). Then I picked up a purple shade (Not today) from the same palette with the help of my finger and applied all over my lids excluding the outer ‘V’. Then I picked up black eye shadow (Blend) from the same palette and darkened my outer ‘V’ and blended the same with purple color.
Lastly blend every harsh line – the key to any flawless look is blend, blend, and blend. The only straight line which should be visible on our whole face is the eyeliner and the Kajal. Rest all like – foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter and all the eye shadows should be blended very well so that it creates a flawless look.

Also, we should ensure that, every single eye shadow we use must be visible but in a blended way (hope I am making sense to you all). I mean there must be a visible transition from one color to other color but there should not be a particular point/line where one eye color ends and the other starts. It has to be blended well.

Once the eye makeup is done I cleaned my face with a wet tissue to clear out any fallout from eye shadows and applied the orange corrector and topped it with concealer which was provided by Raashi and patted it with beauty blender. Then she provided a foundation of exact my complexion which I have blended well with beauty blender. I totally forgot to ask her the shade and company (we were in a hurry sooo…)

Then I dusted Makeup revolution loose powder all over the face and neck to set my base and then by using Sivanaa Contour Kit I have sculpted my face especially my cheeks, little bit of jaw line and forehead. Then I have applied Maybelline coral crush blush and wet n wild highlighter on the bridge of my nose, high point of my cheeks and on cupids bow. 

For my lips, applied NYX Mahogany lip liner and filled my entire lips with the Mac Twig lipstick.
So, hope you all enjoyed.
By the way, in this makeup class I met a beautiful soul Ms. Shilpa. We spoke endless and never felt it was our first meeting (hehehe). Shilpa – if you are reading this – you are a darling dear…♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Me and Shilpa 🙂
So that’s it for now beauties – Do let me know in the comments below about the look and keep following please.

See you all.