Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub

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Hi Ladies,

Today I will be reviewing a face scrub from a well know brand, Aroma Magic. The name is Aroma Magic Coffee Bean Scrub.

I had mentioned before that I have normal to dry skin (In my Lotus face wash review). So I was looking for a face scrub which helps in removing dead skin and which imparts glow. When I was surfing net I got to know about this scrub and reviews were quite good. So purchased this.

Company Claims and Ingredients:



 How to Use:

Price: Rs. 375/- INR.

Shelf Life: 3 years.

Availability: Easily available in all online stores and in any super markets, retails stores.

My Thoughts: I started using this product in mid of 2014 and have used it religiously for 2.5 years now. (Yes you all read it right – 2.5 years) I use it weekly once. The smell is non-bothering – just light hint of coffee which vanishes very soon. The texture is grainy with a cream base.

As mentioned in the ingredients list, it has full of natural stuffs and chemical free. It is more on the creamier side and the grainy particles just vanishes when I start scrubbing my face and I feel I am massaging a face cream. It moisturizes the skin very well.  But there is no scrubbing effect – I mean I do not feel any freshness on my face after using this scrub. But as I do not have much of black heads / white heads I continued using it for such a long time. After using this, my skin doesn’t have any glow kind of an effect. I expect a kind of brightening effect after scrubbing my face – I don’t see any such thing with this scrub (though the company has not claimed any brightening effect – it is just my expectation).

So overall this suits to people who need a very mild scrub and who need a moisturizing effect after scrubbing.


  • Package is good and sturdy and quite travel friendly.
  • Easily Available.
  • Very Mild scrub.
  • Great moisturizing scrub.
  • 100% free of any harsh chemicals.


  • No glow.
  • I expect my scrub to be a bit tougher.

Will I repurchase again: NO

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