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Hi Ladies,
Today my review is on Good Vibes Activated Charcoal Deep Cleansing Face Wash.
If you have observed, my first post on this blog was on a face wash from Lotus. If you haven’t – then you can check out here – Lotus Face wash Review. Now the reason I am talking about my first blog post here is that if you read that you will know my hunt for a good face wash was and is on from ages and ages.
In the process of this hunt – I had done so much of research that I ended up coming to a conclusion that all the face washes whether herbal or not has tons and tons of chemicals in it. So, for almost a year or so I had stopped using any face wash. I had formulated a homemade powder to cleanse my skin and I will be posting that very soon on the blog. But somehow during morning rush hours I felt that I need something which I can swiftly apply on my face, massage, splash water and Tadaaa my face is clean. Exactly at that time I started searching for a lesser chemical face wash and stumbled upon good vibes brand. Read on the review to know how it has fared.


Company Claims: Absorbs Impurities, Clear Blackheads and Leaves radiant glow.

Color: Pitch Black.
Consistency: Very runny.

Price: Rs. 175/- INR for 120 ml bottle.
Shelf Life: 2 years.
Availability: These are easily available in online stores. I purchased it from
My Thoughts: Nowadays my skin is somewhere between normal to dry and when I saw this face wash it had mentioned that it suits dry and all skin type and helps in clearing dark spots and dullness so I purchased it.
This is my first product which has Activated Charcoal and I will have to tell you all that it smells pathetic. I am not sure if all the products which has activated charcoal as the main ingredient smells so horribly or only this. But smell was really a put off for me.
I have used up the complete bottle and as the company claims it suits all skin types including dry skin and there is a kind of glow or brightness on the face which I actually loved. It doesn’t leave my skin dry or tight after wash and it did not break me out as well.
When it comes clearing dark spots and dullness – I am not really sure of this. Firstly, I have very few dark spots and that was not cleared by this face wash and secondly, the dullness part – I do not know whether to expect a face wash to remove our dullness or a nourished, well rested body. Anyway I did not see any major changes as such.
How I Use: I wet my face, take a pump of the product in my palm and apply and massage on my face and wash off with room temperature water.
  • Leaves a kind of glow on the skin.
  • Suits almost all the skin types.
  • Parabens free.
  • Easily available.
  • Affordable.
  • Smell is a put off.
  • It has SLES which is a lather or foaming agent and I feel it is bit harsh to the skin.
Will I repurchase again: No – mainly because of the chemicals present in it and also the smell. May be I will try other variants from Good Vibes.

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