Kryolan Derma Colour Camouflage Crème

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Hi Ladies,

Today I will be reviewing a product from the brand Kryolan. It is named as Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Crème in shade D100 – in short I call it as Kryolan concealer.

Before starting the review let me share with you my need for a full coverage concealer. I have dark circles (read it as very dark dark circles) and unfortunately it is caused due to heredity. Any kind of DIY’s, home remedies will only help me in refreshing the eyes and just slightly brightening the under eye area but it doesn’t help me in completely removing it. So I use concealer under my eyes on a daily basis.



I came across this concealer during my marriage. The parlour lady used Kryolan products as a base for my makeup in which she used Kryolan Pan Stick, concealer and powder. The coverage which it provided was awesome and it stayed throughout the marriage ceremony without creasing or smudging. Initially I was using MAC concealer and that is when I switched to Kryolan. Continue to read my detailed review.

Company Claims: An exceptionally effective and long lasting special make-up for the concealment of discoloration in skin abnormalities, scars and tattoo marks. Skin compatibility dermatological approved.



The shade I am using is D100 and it has a strong orange undertones to it and it very effectively conceals my dark circles without creasing or smudging. Most of the concealers which I have used, used to create a kind of ashy shade under the eyes when I apply. But this is an exception may be because of the orange tint. I apply this concealer under my eyes with my fingers, dab it and apply compact or loose powder and it is set for the whole day.

The texture of this concealer is creamy but not too creamy, we can blend it smoothly on the skin and once blended completely it doesn’t smudge. I do apply this after prepping my eyes with moisturiser and the concealer glides on smoothly. If applied without any base it settles down on the fine lines and doesn’t provide a flawless coverage.

The product says it is a camouflage cream and can be used on any skin discoloration and abnormalities but I have not tried it on any pigmentation on the skin except my dark circles – but I feel even if the pigmentation is very dark this works fine because of its deep orange undertones.

These concealers are available in variety of shades and we can choose based on our skin tone. But the availability is quite an issue I feel. Though it is available in few online stores we need to know our shade before placing the order otherwise it is very tricky to select for the first time online as the shades are so close and we cannot differentiate. I purchased it from a beauty store in Bangalore and as far as I know that is the only store in Bangalore which retails Kryolan product. In case any of you are interested to know about that store please comment I will be happy to share the details.
In the swatches below  you can see my bare eyes without any makeup, I had just applied toner and a moisturizer and in the other photo I have applied sunscreen and Kryolan concealer and I have set it with loose powder. I have deep set eyes and that creates a kind of shadowing effect on my eyes making my dark circles look more prominent. But this concealer cancels out the dark area and provides an even tone. You can see the difference very clearly. (Please excuse the undone eyebrows  L )


Price: Rs. 750/- INR for 4 grams tub.

Shelf Life: 4 years.

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, I am happy that I have laid my hands on this product as it has really helped me in concealing my dark circles. It instantly brightens my eye area and also the face looks clean and made up without much makeup.

I would recommend this to all who has dark circles, pigmentation and who needs a heavy duty long lasting coverage.

Will I purchase it again: YESSS

Disclaimer: All the photos are taken by me using my camera and it has taken lot of effort for me to click the right images. Please do not copy it.

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