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Today my review is on a makeup product from Kryolan brand. It is Derma Color Camouflage System – Fixing Powder.
In my last post I had written about Kryolan Concealer – if you have not read, please read it here. Kryolan DermaColour Camouflage Crème.

I purchased this fixing powder along with Kryolan concealer as the SA was very much insisting me to try this.  To be honest, I become alert when any SA pushes me to buy a particular product, because I don’t believe in tags like – mam please buy this cream with that lotion – only then the effect will last, or mam please use this under that cream or this over that foundation only then the beauty of the product comes out – and all other stuffs. I feel any product has to have its own qualities and benefits on the skin. If it has to be complimented or layered with a particular product  to deliver the desired results then I hesitate purchasing such products.

Any way coming back to Kryolan Fixing powder – I am glad that I followed the SA and purchased this. It is worth every penny and I never regretted buying this.

Company Claims: For weatherproof fixing and matting of Dermacolor Camouflage crème.

Shade: P3 suits me – but available in various shades to suit all the skin tones.
Price: Rs. 400/- INR for 20 gm tub.

Shelf Life: 4 years.

Availability: These are available in online stores but I purchased it from a beauty store in Bangalore and as far as I know that is the only store in Bangalore which retails Kryolan product.

My Thoughts: First thing, this fixing powder is meant to fix Camouflage crème i.e. their concealer and I also purchased it for the very reason. The shade I use is P3. Initially I used to just dab a small amount of cream under my eyes (that is where I apply Kryolan concealer). But later on, as “baking” thing was doing rounds in the beauty world – I just tried baking my under eye area with this powder and voila – I was surprised.

It literally transformed my under eye area. It indeed is a very good fixing powder which helps in fixing the concealer without any creasing and tugging of under eye skin.

Later I tried it using all over my face to fix my BB cream / foundation and it does a great job. It doesn’t look cakey at all and gives a matt finish.

How I Use: I apply my base makeup (BB cream or Foundation and concealer under my eyes) and apply a good amount of powder under the eye area. Leave it for 1-2 minutes (till then I apply kohl or do eye makeup – if at all I am doing) then wipe off the excess powder with the sponge. Then with the same sponge I spread a tiny amount of powder all over my face. TADA – full face make up done!

Lasting power of this powder is also great. It lasts for almost 7-8 hours in normal weather condition. I have dry skin and I moisturize my skin before applying any make up and hence I have not come across any dry patches whilst using this.


  • Does what it claims – it fixes the base makeup.
  • Great for Oily Skin beauties.
  • If you have extreme dry skin then ensure that you have moisturized your skin very well.


  • No Puff provided.
  • The packaging is not travel friendly.  It has 2 lids – one with holes from where we need to take the powder and another one is the closing lid – every time I open the powder box excess powder gets accumulated on the secondary lid (with holes) and spills all over as soon as I open.

Will I repurchase again: Yes – this is my HG fixing powder but I keep trying new powders just to find out if any other fixing powder over performs this one (Greedy Me J)


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