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Hi Ladies,
Today my review is slightly different than product reviews. But before going into the post I need to say you all little bit about my interest in makeup.
It all started when I started working (hehe ?). During my college days makeup for me was always limited to a face cream, powder, bindi and Vaseline on lips. Whenever I saw people with full face of makeup I used to think that they may not be good looking so they take the help of makeup to look good. (No pun intended to anybody). But slowly I started watching videos on YouTube and then I got to know that makeup is to enhance our good features and camouflage our week points so that the entire face looks presentable and neat. From that day I have been learning and will continue to do so as I have found my passion in this and this passion is the very reason I have this blog here.
Now, coming to the review – recently I am active on Instagram (my handle is dee_van143) and I am following many MUAs and I just saw that these MUAs conduct classes and very next moment I decided that I will have to attend a class, but the problem was there was no class which was convenient for me to attend as me being a working lady on week days and a baby sitter on weekends (my daughter). So my search was on. Then my bestie suggested me Lakshmi Shetty – on Instagram she is makeoverwithlakshmi_shetty. Lakshmi Shetty conducts one day classes on makeup for beginners and when I checked her story on Instagram and other workers of her I was stunned. She herself looked gorgeous and made her brides and clients also very beautiful. So I booked her one day makeup class and if you are interested to know how that turned out to be and please continue reading.
Note: this class was also on a weekend so I took the help of my hubby to baby sit the daughter ????? (Hubby – if you are reading this then thanks for your support)
As mentioned above, it is a one day makeup class from mid-morning to late afternoon with a break of half an hour in between. This was my first makeup class and as soon as I saw Lakshmi Shetty – I was blown. I mean she really looked gorgeous with glass finish skin and beautiful features.
Okay coming to the review – the whole class was very well planned. First half was theoretical and second half was practical. In theory part, the subject was divided into different topics. The first topic was on skin care. She explained the importance of having a clean and fresh skin and also steps to follow and products to use to maintain a healthy skin which serves as a clean canvas for any kind of makeup.
Model all set to begin
Then the next topic was on makeup. She explained 3 different makeup looks and the first one was No makeup – makeup look.
Then the subsequent topic was a detailed explanation of all the products to create any makeup look. An in detail description was given on all the products (like corrector, primer, concealer etc.), the sequence of usage of the products, little tips and tricks to follow to achieve a flawless look and also the tools to use.
Work in Progress
She suggested different brands for all the products and also little info on where to find authentic products and also alternatives of each brand.
Work still in progress
And work still in progresssss…..
In the second half, she showed us demo on the model where she illustrated all the steps mentioned in the theory class and then once the demo was done she allowed us to use all the product and create a similar look on ourselves.
I was overwhelmed with the whole experience. Reason being, this was my first makeup class and really I never expected any MUA to be so friendly, so educative and cooperative and helping us to learn. She gave many tips and knacks which MUAs follow on their brides.
Finished demo on the Model

Me with Lakshmi Shetty
I think mine was 7th batch of hers and she is all set to conduct her 8th batch and I am sure all the seats would be sold out by now. So if any of you are interested to attend then kindly follow her on her Instagram page and keep watching for her next class.

This is me after the class – don’t go on my face expression just look at the eye makeup.

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