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Hello Beauties,

Welcome back to my blog and this is in continuation with my skin care series which I had started. If you haven’t read my part 1 – then please read it here.  Before heading to the post I wanted to share the reason behind my absence for quite some time.

I had earlier, in some post, mentioned that my passion in makeup is increasing day by day and I may take it as a profession as well right – so I was busy in attending professional courses in makeup and hair and happy to say you all that I am a certified MUA and hair stylist now. So I will sharing my contact details at the end of the post. I am grateful for everyone who supported me in achieving this milestone.

So I had explained in detail to you all as to how I deep cleanse my face every single day and after cleansing my next step is to prep my skin. So below are the steps I follow and also I have mentioned all the products which I use.

Step 1 : Toning : I use Miniso Rose essence toner. This is by far one of the best toner I have used. The texture is kind of gel based liquid. It is not watery. After cleansing my face I just pour few drops of this toner on my hand and pat all over my face and neck. I do not use cotton to apply this.  After 2-3 minutes this gets completely absorbed my skin and leaves my skin very soft and plump.

Step 2 : Eye Serum : While I allow the toner to get into the skin, I apply a thin layer of eye serum under my eyes and above my eye lids. The one which I am using right now is from The Ordinary – Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG. This products claims to reduces puffiness, eye contour, pigmentation and fine lines. It has been almost a month that I am using this and I do not see any tremendous results as such but I feel the appearances of fine lines has reduced to some extent.

Step 3 : Hyaluronic Acid : Once the toner is dried and after applying the eye serum I apply HA from The Ordinary. I have to say this is one of my Holy Grail product. Mine is dry and dehydrated skin and once I started using this product I feel such a difference in my skin texture and the appearance also. I feel my skin is more soft, smooth and well hydrated.

Step 4 : Eye Cream : After applying eye serum and Hyaluronic acid I just dab little bit of eye cream under my eyes.  This I do because I have dark circles and I need apply corrector and concealer on daily basis to cover the same. So for just smooth application of the products I apply this eye cream from mama earth. This helps in moisturizing my under area well.

Step 5 : Glow serum : This is purely optional step for you all – but I came across this page in Instagram i.e. nature_foody_to_ur_skin and after going through their products and many reviews I wanted to try their face glow serum and placed my order. Here I want to share one thing with you all that the owner of this page – her name is Roshini – does a great job with respect to customer support. I had lost my package (for some unknown reasons) and she was very much helpful in getting me my parcel though it was not her part of work. Now coming to their face glow serum – it is awesome. My face had turned bit dark after my pregnancy and delivery, when compared to earlier, and I was looking for many option in restoring the original complexion of my skin but couldn’t find any thing apt. With bit of hesitation I started using this face glow serum – I have to say it has not only helped in getting back my complexion but also my skin tone has become more uniform. I will surely be using it again and again.

Step 6 : Cetaphil Moisturizing cream : This cream I just use only on days when I feel my skin is very dry. Other wise the above mentioned face glow serum moisturizes my skin very well – so this is just on a need basis.

Step 7 : Sunscreen : This is crucial step in anyone’s skin care. I use Photostable sunscreen from Bello and this was prescribed by a dermatologist to me. I do not have to elaborate on the importance of sun screen here, as we all know but I would like to add on here that if all the products which we have used in the previous step needs to show it’s effect on the skin then we need to apply a sunscreen. No matter what the season is, what the weather is or whether you stay at home or go out. Still I strongly recommend you in using a sunscreen on daily basis.

So that’s it beauties, this ends my skin care series and do let me know your views on the this. If you need an elaborate review of any of the product mentioned here – I would be eager to do so.

Also, for any party/bridal makeup or hair style do contact me on

My Instagram page is deevamakeovers.

Shower some love and blessing…

See you all…

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