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Hi my lovely readers,
How are you all doing? Hope you had a great Holi.
So this is in continuation to my weight loss journey series – you can read my part 1 here.
By now, you all know why I want to lose weight and my triggering point.
So I had told you all that, I was 61 kgs when I took weight loss as a serious commitment and I had joined a gym on 3 months membership and at the same time it so happened that we (family) wanted to relocate to a new city due to my father’s business.
So I was perplexed – I mean, it was a new city which was not actually a city but a town with majority of industrial boom in recent times. So many things which we find in cities like mall, spas, gym etc. was not present in the town which I relocated. So I searched a lot to find a gym or aerobics center to help me lose weight – I couldn’t find one.
Then I started to think of alternate ways – like walking, jogging, and yoga at home. I did succeed a bit but not to the extent I expected it.
I used get up by 5.00 AM, go for a one hour long walk and then come home and rush into my daily routine of office etc. In the evening I used to come home and do some simple yoga Asanas at home and eat dinner by 8.00 AM and retire to bed. This was my routine for almost 3 months. After 3 months I checked my weight and it was 59 Kgs. I was happy but not very content. I was like – come on, I wake up so early and go for a walk and do yoga and for a continuous 3 months and only 2 kgs of weight loss. So I thought there is something I need to change and I always thought the answer is gym. I never thought other life style habits also matters to keep our weight in check. By this time I found out a yoga teacher in that small town and thought of learning yoga in a proper way through a guru so I went to meet him and saw that he was 80 years old (rather I can say 80 years young) and beaming with enthusiasm. His approach was very warm and he gave me a slot at 5.30 AM. So my routine started to change.
Even now I do yoga
He made me realize that, for any person to reduce or maintain weight or to have a healthy body we need to concentrate 80% on diet and 20% on exercise.
Then reality stuck me – oh my god – what was I doing so long. I used to hog everything to anything I like and just walk for an hour and expect me to become slim. What an expectation I had.
Also, he made me aware of the importance of natural food and how much he advised against packed or ready to eat food. So there was lot of changes I made in my lifestyle. Below I have mentioned all things which I inculcated:
Number 1: Exercise is not everything. But you cannot skip exercise. I know it is tricky but yes – we need to work on our muscles to increase muscle density.
Number 2: Say no to packaged food. Packaged food are nothing but any food which you can put into your mouth by directly opening the packet. (I know I sound lame but yes) Like biscuits, chips etc. This is the simple thing you can do.
Number 3: Cut on sugar. Here I mean all invisible sugar as well. There are so many hidden sugars in almost everything we eat in the name of cool, ready to eat foods. But those are really harmful. You can get away with eating direct sugar granules but will be stuck by these hidden sugars in various names. So please beware.
Number 4: Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet very often. Practice 60 – 40 rule. This was told by my yoga guru. Have 60% of fresh veggies in your diet and only 40% of cooked food. So if you are having 2 rotis with some curry then have at least a full bowl of vegetable salad before having roti. This way your stomach will be full and you may end up eating 1.5 or 1 roti.
Number 5: Portion control. Yes – we really do not realize how much we eat when our mind is pre occupied with all the unwanted matters. We forget what is on our plate and just hog everything. What we really have to do is for at least for 15-20 minutes of the time we sit to eat – just concentrate on eating and nothing else. You will be astonished to see that you will actually be full by the end of ½ bowl of rice where in everyday unknowingly you used to finish up full bowl of rice but still left with some dissatisfaction or sweet cravings.
Number 6: in continuation with point number 5, relish every morsel of your food on plate. Enjoy eating. Do not make it a chore – make it a romantic affair (like how we enjoy every act of our loved once) enjoy every bite of the food. Your food will love you back – it will strengthen you, nourish you and build you.
Number 7: Water. Drink water all the time, every time. That doesn’t mean that you keep on drinking even if you are not thirsty. But make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you all the time. Most of the time we confuse thirst with hunger and end up eating something or the other but still be feeling something is needed. That something is water. So drink, drink, drink.
Number 8: Sleep – they say 8 hours of sleep is required for a normal human being. But in this busy world we hardly get so much time – with all the hi-fi gadgets we own – our sleep is going HIGH – away from our reach. So I prefer to have quality sleep – even if it is for lesser hours. So concentrate on making yourself free from all the gadgets at least 2 hours before you sleep.
Number 9: Consistency is the key – all the above points has to be consistent guys. If we just follow for a month or 2 and expect long term results then sorry – it won’t work. These has to be the changes which we need to follow life time.
So these are the changes which I incorporated back then – did these changes helped me in reaching my goal of weight loss or did I end up with something else – will let you know in  part 3. Till then please let me know your views on the same topic. Eager to read to comments and to respond.
Disclaimer: I am not a dietician or a doctor or nutritionist – these are purely my views and I may be wrong as well. So please do your research or consult a certified person before you adapt any of the points mentioned here.

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