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Hi my lovely readers,

How are you all doing? Well I am doing fine and from today I will take you all through a very personal experience of my life. Yeah, as the heading suggest – this is my journey towards weight loss and all other things which I lost other than or along with weight.

Before that, I need to give you all preface of my weight and why I want to lose weight.

So let’s begin:

As a child, I was very plump with curly hair and blue eyes. My mother always used to wait for an opportunity if someone offers to carry me. I was 13 Kgs by my 1st year birthday and carrying me and walking was a strength training to my mom (like the picture shown below). But later on I was a normal skinny girl in school and even in my degree. To be frank, my Physics, mathematics and computer science was causing so much trouble in my entire B.Sc. course that weight or weight loss was not at all a topic to even think forget about discussing.  


Later I did my masters and started working and so started my weight increase. I was not aware initially that I was gaining weight. That day, I was in the cafeteria and met my college mate who had an interview in the same campus and as soon as she saw me the first thing she told me was “Hi Vani – nice to see you here – hey by the way why have you put on so much weight – did you notice or not”. That’s it, I was in loss of words – I couldn’t answer anything to her I just gave her a convincing look and changed the topic on her interview.
Then I thought of stepping on the weighing scale after may be 3 years. And to my shock – I was 8 Kgs more than what I was in my college days. My height is 5.2 ft. and for this height my weight should be around 52-55 kgs and I was 61 kgs. I took it as an alarm – I wanted to do something – but was not knowing what to do. I wasn’t aware as to from where to start. I looked for google for options. But back then the net was not much overloaded with information. I mean, now we have n number of options but back then we had to do lot of research to find out what we wanted.

I did the same thing which anybody does – that is to find out a gym near to my place and join there. For me – back then – weight loss meant to sweat it at the gym. I did not make an effort to know why I gained so much weight in the first place. Like any younger generation kid I wanted everything quick and so my weight loss also. After much googling, I found out an aerobics center – which promised me that I will lose weight within 3 months – (read it as, pay 3 months fees at a time along with registration fee of Rs. 1000/- which is not refundable). I joined – because I wanted to shed my extra kilos fast and now that I was earning I had financial freedom and felt accomplished in swiping my card.

By the time all this happened my Father’s business was expanding and we had to shift to a new city. So that means, my 3 months subscription went into drain as I shifted to a new city.

Now what happened in the new city, did I make any effort in losing weight? I will let you know in part 2. But before ending this I would need to tell few things to younger people or rather I could say this to my younger self:

  • Metabolism changes – so guys, I think you all will agree that, in our childhood days we ate up almost 3-4 chapathis with any side dish or jagerry or sugar and ghee but still we did not feel bloated, or full or anything. But now we end up with 100 issues by eating just 2 chapathis. That is because metabolism of our body changes and it decreases as we age and we have to have a relevant life style which helps in keeping up our metabolism. Be active as much as possible, do not sit for long hours in the same position. If your job demands the same then at least stand up and adjust your laptop and work for 10 minutes stading for every 30-40 minutes. Do some desk exercises and during lunch breaks just take a stroll in your premises.
  • Lifestyle changes – as a college goer, we all will always be on our toes. Classroom to ground, ground to library, library to hostel, hostel to out of campus roaming and all this eats up our energy. But once we start working, most of us, end up in an office setup where we sit almost 6-7 hours in a day. This is actually hazardous. We need to have a lifestyle change irrespective of whether we want to lose weight or not. And this was what happened to me – the sudden increase in weight was because of my sedentary lifestyle.
  • Eating habits changes – as we start earning – we feel a sense of pride in visiting all the fancy restaurants. At least I felt so. In our college/school days though we ate out, at least 2 meals we used to have at home (this is different with hostel people though). But it changes. I used have breakfast, lunch and evening snacks outside and only night dinner at home. So you can see the nutrition level goes down if we eat lot of outside food. So please stick on to homemade food often. Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food as much as possible. For any meetings with friends look for a place like park or garden than any restaurant or hotel. And before stepping out of the house just eat and leave. Though you are planning to have lunch or dinner – eat something before you go out. This really helps in maintaining your eating portion outside.

So meet you again with part 2. Till then please let me know your views on the same topic. Eager to read to your comments and to respond.

Disclaimer: I am not a dietician or a doctor or nutritionist – these are purely my views and I may be wrong as well. So please do your research or consult a certified person before you adapt any of the points mentioned here.
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