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Hi Ladies,

Today my review is on a makeup product. It is an eye shadow base from PAC. Before reviewing I would like to tell you all about PAC Cosmetics.

Company Overview (as per their webpage)


PAC Cosmetics is essentially a trading company which was founded back in 2002. We import products from all over the world and distribute them to our far reaching consumer base with the intention of providing people with the best cosmetic experience! They have a vast range of categories which include: Eyes, Lips, Brushes, Face & Accessories

Now coming to the review, I developed interest towards eye shadows very recently after watching tons of videos on YouTube. If we master the technique of applying eye shadows then that gives totally an edgy look to our overall makeup. But to make the eye shadows pop we need to have a neutral base with cancels out any darkness or pigmentation of our eye lids and creates a perfect canvas to play with the beauty of colors and that is what any eye base or eye primer does.

So I was searching for a good base as I have dark eye lids and just randomly came across this product while surfing Nykaa.

Company Claims: A creamy eye base which provides a pink shine as an underboss for your eye makeup, the PAC Eye Base Pink has a subtle shine that will help you get the desired impact of your eye shadow color.

Price: Rs. 585/- INR for 5 gms Bottle

Availability: Easily available in online stores.

My Thoughts: As mentioned earlier, I am new to applying eye shadows and when I started using colors on my bare eye lids I always used to feel that the colors doesn’t seem to show up much. They used to appear very bright in the eye shadow package but when applied it used to look dull and wear out very soon. That is when I started researching on how MUAs apply such eye shadows so beautifully without even a single crease and then I came across this concept of applying eye shadow primer to set the base well. Only then the colors pop up on our eye lids.

Now, this is not an eye shadow primer but a base. Basically eye shadow primer doesn’t have any color, usually any primer has a gel or creamy consistency and helps in setting the eye lids or skin to soak all the products whatever we apply on skin. It helps in holding the colors without creasing or bleeding. Whereas an eye shadow base is usually a neutral color cream / creamy textured product which cancels out uneven skin tone of our lids so that the original texture of the eye shadows are shown on our eye lids.

Coming to the performance of this base – it does what it claims. It creates an even base to my lids and application of any eye shadow feels like applying butter. That’s how exactly it feel. No tugging or pulling of eye lids. Just a single swipe of eye shadow and it looks neat. Off course we can build on the color intensity based on our overall makeup look.
Just the base:

With Eye shadow:
In the above picture – extreme right is the swatch of just eye shadow and extreme left is the swatch of eye shadow with PAC base.

The lasting power is amazing. Whenever I am in a hurry and miss applying eye base and just swipe up eye shadow then it hardly lasts for 2-3 hours but with this one underneath the eye shadow it lasts whole day – yes whole day.

This is my first eye shadow base and I feel it is worth investing in this.

How I Use: I prep my skin first – including my eye area, with a moisturizer, sun screen then I apply foundation/BB cream on eye lids swipe a little bit of loose powder and then apply this eye base. I use fingers to apply this, but we can use concealer brush as well. Then I go ahead in applying eye shadow.


  • A universal shade and can be used with any eye shadow color. It does not change the color of the eyeshade. Though it looks pink but it doesn’t give pink hues to your eye shadows.
  • A base that helps to keep eye shadows for a longer time.
  • Long lasting.
  • Availability – it is available in leading beauty online stores and also PAC has its own website.
  • Shades – it has 5 shades to select from – based on our skin tone we can select.
  • It can be applied by itself – it gives a nice shimmery texture to our eye lids and acts as a nude office wear eye shadow.
  • This small jar lasts long – the quantity may seem very less but a tiny amount of product is required for both the eye lids.


  • Packaging – it is a tiny glass container and we need to be careful while travelling.
  • It is a jar – so need to dip our finger/brush to take the product so we need to be extra careful about hygiene.

Will I repurchase again: Yes – planning to try other shades as well.
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