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Hi Ladies,

Today my review is on a face wash from Plum Goodness brand. Off late I have seen that this brand is making noise in the skin care zone and I have picked 2 goodies from this brand. One is the face wash which I will reviewing today and the other is its face oil – which I am testing now and will be reviewing after a couple of days.

This face wash is Plum green tea pore cleansing face wash. It is meant for combination skin, acne and oily skin. I am still wondering why I picked up this. Because I have dry to sensitive skin and at the time of purchasing this, I thought for a second that mine is combination skin and also, it had green tea extracts with mild scrub particles and instantly I added it to cart. Also, I was impressed that it has glycolic acid as well.  

Company Claims:


Price: Rs. 240/- INR for 75 ml tube.

 How to use and Ingredients :

Shelf Life: 2 years.

Availability: Easily available in all online stores and even plum goodness has its own website – so you can check on that.

Swatch :

My Thoughts: I have used this products for approximately 2 to 2.5 months. It is quite a decent face wash. Lathers up very well and it is a good morning face wash – which means when you don’t have much of the dirt or makeup on your face you can use this to wash your face. If you are using it during evening times then you have to remove all your makeup and then use it. As I do not have much of acne on my face I cannot really comment on this claim done by the company. It moisturizes the skin very well as it has glycerine in it. Also it has tiny beads in it – green colour – I really do not know what those beads are and of what are they made and also, I do not know if the beads really work in exfoliating. I did not feel any such effect though.

Overall, as I have dry skin, I thought this face wash will dry me out but surprisingly it moisturized my face. But apart from that nothing extra ordinary with this one.


  • Package is good and sturdy and quite travel friendly.
  • Easily Available.
  • Very Mild face wash.
  • Moisturizes very well.
  • No chemicals like parabens, SLS etc.
  • Has glycolic acid in it – which helps in renewing the skin
  • This tube of 75 ml lasts for around 3 months if used daily 2 times.


  • It is not a heavy duty face wash – in the sense, it can be used when you don’t have anything much on your face.
  • Doesn’t remove makeup.
  • The micro beads present in the face wash is not of much help in exfoliating the skin.

Will I repurchase again: NO – mainly because this is not meant for my kind of skin so my hunt for face washes is still on.
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