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Hi Ladies, How are you all doing? My today’s review is about an exfoliating / peeling solution which I have included in my beauty regime from past 2-3 months. Before heading to the post let us see what exactly is peeling solution and how it is different from physical exfoliator.

exfoliating solution

My Skin type: I have dry skin and little bit of pigmentation on the sides of my cheeks.

Physical Exfoliator: it is a grainy or sugary textured product which usually has creamy consistency and which we use on the face to physically scrub off all the upper layer of the skin or dead layer of the skin. This we can use once or twice a week based on our skin sensitivity and requirement.

Chemical Exfoliator: This is a liquid product which has acid or combination of acids and few vitamin derivatives which helps in exfoliating the skin in a more subtle way – which means, we need to apply just a thin layer of product on the skin and leave it for 10 minutes (or as recommended on the product) and the acids present in the product will do the exfoliating work. No need to scrub or rub the product on our skin.

exfoliating solution

Texture: First thing we notice about this product is its color. Yes, red berry kind of a color and the texture is kind of gel/liquid consistency. It’s neither thick nor thin but bit runny.

Price: £6.25/- for 30 ml of the product. Roughly converted to INR it would be somewhere between Rs. 540/- to Rs. 550/- .

Availability: I purchased it from cult beauty website (www. In India, it is available online and also through many Instagram sellers. But I prefer purchasing through culbeauty website mainly because of the authenticity of the product and also, the cost through any other source will be almost double. If we have any offers happening or if it is our birthday month cultbeauty sends us a coupon code which has either discount coupon or free shipping – so it works cheap for us (Off course re-sellers would have their additional costs like taxes, shipping charges, customs and their charges – no offence to anyone).

My Thoughts: This is such a go to product for me. In just one use, I could see that my skin tone was even which means, it had removed my upper – dead layer and hence the skin was smooth and clear. I use it 2 times in a week. Once we apply this all over our face there will be mild irritation or tingling sensation but that will disappear within 2 minutes of application. Please make sure you do not apply this directly on the face. Do a patch test and if there is no irritation for more than 2 minutes, only then apply the entire face.

The smell of this product is something to talk about (ahem). I mean to say, it is quite disgusting. It smells like some rotten vegetables kind of a thing (sorry if you feel I am gross but that how it smells).

Also, our face looks like a red mess, straight out of a horror movie, after applying this all over the face but keeping aside all these – it is an excellent product. Overall I am really happy with this peeling solution.

How I Use: I use it most of the times in the evenings. After removing my makeup (I have a blog post on how I clean my face please check here) I pat my face dry and apply this peeling solution all over the face except my under eye area. Leave for 10 minutes and wash off with normal water.


  • Easy to use – no need to rub our face, just apply and carry on with your other works and wash after 10 minutes.
  • Doesn’t leave the skin dry.
  • Good packaging – it is a glass bottle but still in do not find any issues in carrying this also, it has a dropper, so we have quantity control.
  • Not abrasive at all – but check out the patch test which I have said earlier.
  • Helps in removing dead skin, pigmentation and blemishes.
  • Helps in evening out the skin tone.


  • Patch test is a must, must and must. I can’t stress on this point more. But the reason I have mentioned this in cons is because, few of us may purchase this thinking that it work but if it irritates the skin then the whole bottle goes waste.
  • The skin becomes sun sensitive. This happens which all the other chemical exfoliator as well. So we can never skin sun screen. So including a sun screen with high SPF is a must after starting using this solution.
  • Most ladies, use a sunscreen the next day of using chemical exfoliator and on other days they just stop using – that is when the skin starts having sun tan, sun burn – so even if we use this product every once or twice a week we need to apply sunscreen every day.
  • The smell – I have mentioned earlier – is a put off.
  • Availability – it is available on cultbeauty website at an affordable price but then there are shipping charges and once shipped to India there is custom charges. So overall we pay more than the amount mentioned on the site.

Will i repurchase again : Yes

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