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Hello All,

Happy valentine’s day to all my lovely readers – irrespective of you having a partner or not. Today’s post is not about any product review – I have couple of reviews to share but today’s post is bit different.
Well, to begin with I will take you 10-12 years back. Back then I was in college and these Valentine’s Day or rose day / hug day / kiss day / teddy bear day was not much celebrated or rather we were cautious to celebrate and few of us were not even discussing with others that we had a valentine and talking to a guy especially on this day was teased among friends circle.

Thinking about that time interval makes me nostalgic and I very much feel like going back to those days. Those days where there was no such show off of love. I am sorry to use the word show off but that is what I feel. Off course there was love in the air but there was no pressure on us to make everybody know how we love our partner or what we gifted each other. That was always a secret pleasure which was between the 2 hearts.

I have something to say about this day here – many people think Valentine’s day as a day celebrated between lovers or people who are about to start their love and I am no exception. Just 2-3 years back even I used to be head over heels in celebrating such days and to spend my whole day in anticipating wishes and gifts from my hubby – and that never used to happen.

He is not into celebrating any such days – he has a special thing for the dates which we met, engaged and married and our child birthday but on dates which the rest of the world celebrates with fancy names.

Now, after my daughter was born I have a new meaning to Love. Whenever the word Valentine comes to my mind I think of my daughter as much as I think of my hubby. Am I aging (don’t know – may be) but yeah I have learned to love selflessly only after having my daughter in my life.


Coming to this age, this era I can say, few things are pondering my mind and I wish to share it here without any offence to anybody. See there are things which we always copied from western culture. Be it any Day or any dress or any genre of music or their cuisine, we easily, readily start liking that and also adapting that to our life style. But I feel and strongly feel that while doing so, are we missing out the very essence of our own culture, our authenticity, our Cuisine and the very basic our own selfness which makes us stand apart from rest of the world.

Well, I am not against anybody following or liking something which is not ours – rather I am eager myself in knowing new things and yes if it helps us in improving even 1% of our life style, health, thinking, well-being then why not follow it and adapt it. But why are we missing out in celebrating our own cultures or festivals. Are we not taught about the importance of our festivities, our important godly figures, and the existence of holy saints – then why do we shy out in showing off that to the world.

For instance our younger generation happily wishes Halloween to his/her counterparts and shys away in telling his/her Mam that he/she was absent for school because we had Mahalaya Amavasya (you can google to know what it is) at home. I do not know the reason – maybe we feel low in expressing our old rooted practises – I am not sure.

Also, we have a separate day to celebrate and adore our spouse and is called in different names in different states but here in Karnataka we call it as Bheemana Amavasya and is called Karwa Chauth in major parts of North India. On this day, we pray to god, do Pooja and fast the whole day to increase the longevity of our husbands and husbands in turn gift us something. For me, this is more close to my heart than Valentine day or rose day. More than the fast women do or the gift husbands give the whole atmosphere will be full of love and the whole home celebrates this.  Again there are people who do not like these practices as they feel fast is done only by women and there is no equality but I simply brush off that because they are right in there own way.

Well – I will stop here and leave the rest to the readers to decipher the meaning and context in which I have written.

Once again – Happy Valentine’s day to one and all. If you already have a spouse / partner then enjoy being with each other. If not don’t worry as I said love is in the air and you will sniff it very soon.
Do let me know your views in the comments section – I will be eager to read and respond. 

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